Reverb VST Plugin (Reverberate)Are you also searching for that “perfect reverb plugin”?

A reverb that will take your instruments and sounds, and place them beautifully in a room, stage or hall, or even a “digital room” based on algorithms.

Then Reverberate 3 by LiquidSonics might be the perfect tool for you! =)

The Power of Convolution Reverb Plugins

With convolution reverb plugins, you basically get a “fingerprint” of either an acoustic environment, or of a preset in a hardware reverb unit by analyzing the signal chain and end result.

This acoustic fingerprint is called an “impulse response”, and while it is an amazing way to achieve a very authentic representation of a specific reverb, it has one big drawback: lack of control.

Reverberate gives you Incredible Control

However this is where Reverberate by LiquidSonics will come to your rescue.

I have no idea how they did it, but they managed to implement incredibly control abilities to shape any impulse response into the perfect reverb for your current needs.

Add Life to any Impulses you own

Reverberate - Shaping ToolsIf you have a library of impulse responses from any acoustic recordings or hardware reverbs, you can instantly add more control and life to them by using them in Reverberate 3. Because they use a new capture and playback technology called Fusion-IR, which basically opens up a whole new dimension of control over any convolution impulses.

All of a sudden, you can edit, sculpt, shape, and control almost any aspect of the reverb. With traditional (old tech) convolution reverbs, this has not been possible.

If you don’t have any impulse responses already, fear not, because you get an amazing collection of presets impulses. Including the legendary Bricasti sound.

Reverberate also features an enhanced true stereo simulation, with stereo captures, for an incredible sense of dimension and spatial position.

Another amazing aspect that I was particularly fond of, is the “split modulation” and “Fusion-IR”, where you can get detailed control over the early reflections and late reflections independently.

But they really went all in by adding a complete set of effects to sculpt the tone and end result of your reverb presets. Modulated EQs, delays, chorus…even assignable independently to both reverb engines.

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an amazing convolution reverb plugin, but also love the flexibility of algorithmic reverbs, then Reverberate is simply one of the best tools out there. The amount of detailed control you get, while also having access to legendary sounds in the preset bank, is simply astonishing.