Punish VST Effect by HeavyocityHello Composers, Mike here! =)

Do you love sound design, epic powerful sounds and hybrid processing? Well then Heavyocity’s VST effect Punish might be something you would enjoy a lot!

My Overall Impression: Punish by Heavyocity is one of those effects that you can use in so many ways. From light processing, to insane sound mangling. It sounds great, the GUI looks good, and it is amazingly fun to use.

The Sound & Main Features

Punish is essentially a multi-effect with the 5 main elements being:

  • Compression (Console, Modern, Classic)
  • Saturation (Vintage, Modern, Tube)
  • Transient Shaping (Very Straightforward)
  • Equalizer (choose between pre/post)
  • Limiting (Shape with “soft” and “release” knobs)

Punish KnobThe Punish Knob
And of course in the middle you see that big and bold “Punish knob”, that you use to dial in how much processing you want to apply to your sounds.

Now a really cool aspect of this is to use automation/modulation on this knob to add movement into your sounds. For example, starting clean by slowly introducing more of the processed “mangled” sound.

Punish VST PresetsPreset Categories
Punish also comes with a wide range of presets in various categories that you can use instantly, such as Bass, Drums, FX, Guitar, Vocals, Mastering etc.

However, personally I prefer the fun of sound designing myself. So what is great is that you can save your own user presets after you have done some amazing cool sound design.

My Favorite Things

Now let me share my personal favorite aspects of the Punish VST effect:

1. All in One FX

Having all these core sound design effects available in one single plugin is incredibly efficient. You don’t have to open lots of individual plugin windows, as you can do all your sound shaping in this plugin. And you can load and save presets that are basically entire effect chains.

2. The User Interface

I have to admit I am really loving the look and layout of the user interface. It looks epic and powerful, and this alone inspired me to use it for sound design. Inspiration is an important aspect of music production that we should not forget the power of.

3. The Powerful Sound

The entire fx chain holds incredible power, and it is very easy to over-do it unless you are careful and really focus on what end result you want. But honestly, I love using it the most for epic sound design the most. For drum and percussion, hits, accents, stabs, booms and other hit type sounds.

Mike’s Final Thoughts

Punish will go directly into my favorite tool kit for sound design, and especially for epic, hybrid and powerful cinematic music, trailer music etc. For percussion and rhythmic instruments it was incredible to add that  extra “oomph”.

Learn More

Do you want to learn more about the Punish VST effect, and find out if this would be a great addition to your music composer tool box?

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