Epic Music

Hello Composers! =)
Mike here, and today I am featuring some of the members of Professional Composers, with their amazing Epic Music Compositions.

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Luis Humanoide – Release the Dragons

Track description by the composer: Hi, this is my track Release the Dragons, a mix between the most classic styles and the most powerful modern percussive styles, I think my main influences were Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian) and John Williams. I wanted to explore the sounds made with brass walls to give it more intensity.

Vlad Plotnikov – Obey

Track description by the composer: This is a battle theme for Fate Hunters game. I’ve tried to mix huge symphony orchestra and choir with some rock elements: drums rhythms and distortion guitars. It has dark-fantasy atmosphere according to the project’s genre and mood.

Christopher Siu – Chief Of The Sky

Track description by the composer: Hey friends! This track I’m posting is my latest piece: a cinematic epic inspired by my favourite superhero movies growing up (Superman, Batman, and Spiderman). As a result, a simple but effective theme opens the piece, with the theme returning at the end to give a sense of resolution and completion. I’ve been working on developing my melodies and structures this past year, and I believe the result has shown growth in my overall style and production quality. Please enjoy!

Marco Micucci – There’s No God Among Us

Track description by the composer: This is one of the tracks from my trailer portfolio. There is just a small ostinato theme, then I played a lot with orchestration for keeping high the attention. Hope you ll enjoy!

Brian Freeland – Wild Hunt Feat Julie Seechuk

Track description by the composer: This track initially began purely as a way to test Audio Imperia’s Jaeger and all the aspects of it. I eventually loved the way it turned out, and wanted to get a real vocalist on it instead of the Jaeger vox patch (tho that is amazing, real singers are always better right??) I ended using a massive hodge-podge of libraries but the base of the track is all Jaeger. What I can’t stress enough to achieving a truly massive sound, is layering.

While something like Jaeger is an AMAZING foundation and provides all you may need, to really push it to a new level, you have to get creative and one of the best tricks is layering many different libraries, often doubling each instrument section. For this project I believe it went like this : Jaeger for short strings , low brass, and horns. Jaeger for sound design (braams and hits). 8dio’s 66 tubas helped really push the low end to a Hans Zimmer level.

8dio century brass doubled the Jaeger Horns, as well as providing underlying swells. Same with Century Strings, which doubled the violin legato from jaeger, and again providing cello swells throughout the track. EW Hollywood Choirs for the long sustained choir, and Oceania choir for the shor staccato phrases at the end. Percussion was a mix of Spitfire’s Albion one for the booming low hits, and 8dio epic taikos and toms for the mid/high range. I also used synths (Serum and sonivox Wobble 2) for a few of the elements here. In short, each library has it’s strengths and will flesh out any track considerably!

Thank you everyone that entered this opportunity

It was hard to decide, but these are the compositions I picked as winners to be featured here on professionalcomposers.com. Congrats! =)

PS. Do you want to get opportunities to get your music featured? Join Professional Composers for free.