Elysion - Kontakt LibraryCreate Cinematic Atmospheres

Do you want to instantly create a cinematic ambience full of motion and character to add to your music?

Then Elysion by Sonuscore might be perfect for you. Here you will get morphing motion, rhythmic pulses, and animated sounds.

One Note Glory

Elysion is one of those “one note glory” type instruments, where there is so much going on with the layers and animation in the mix, that you simply have to press any key and get instantly inspiring and cinematic sounds.

Elysion - PresetsHowever, don’t let this simple workflow fool you. It is very easy to customize the overall sound with changing individual layers, arp patterns, envelope movement etc. Simply click on one of the numbered animation layers, and it opens up for you to change as you like.

And a great feature is that you can actually export those patterns with MIDI Drag and Drop into your sequencer, and use them on other instruments in your composition.

Elysion - MixerPer Layer Control

You can set many things per layer, and since there are 5 layers in total, this can create a huge overall sound with lots of variation and movement in it. Each layer has its own separate Arp or Envelope control, octave range, and even an entire set of effects + attack and decay settings.

Then if you flip to the mixer page, you have delay, reverb, pan and level per layer. And finally you glue it all together with an overall fx chain with compression, delay and reverb.

My Favorite Things about Elysion

1. Instant Inspiration

I like that you can simply pick a preset, and get that cinematic movement and sound going, which I have found to be instant inspiration to kickstart a new composition…even if you don’t end up using that specific sound.

2. MIDI Drag and Drop

Just like “The Orchestra”, Elysion has a MIDI Drag and Drop feature. This means when you have a nice rhythmic pattern going, you can get it into MIDI parts in your sequencer.

3. Easy Expression Mappings

You can control both dynamics and motion with CC…I personally like having them on CC1 and CC2, but it is super quick and easy to change. Default is that CC1 controls both.

My Constructive Feedback

It would have been nice to have a “random” options to change out the layers, as this instrument is more about instant inspiration than custom sound design. You can do a lot, but honestly, if you are like me you want want quick and fast presets to use for cinematic ambience and movement.

My Overall Impression

Elysion has that depth, movement and atmospheric sound that is instantly usable in cinematic music. From rhythmic pulses, to expressive motion and movement, all combined with up to 5 layers for a huge and complex atmosphere.

This uncertainty of what you will get is a dual edged sword. On one hand it is instant pure inspiration, and the sound might be just what you need. On the other hand, if it is not what you need you will probably find yourself simply changing presets instead of going in and adjust all 5 layers, envelopes, arps etc. as that will be very tedious.

So if you are looking for an instrument that is instant inspiration with presets of cinematic pulses, movement and atmosphere…then Elysion will be perfect for you.

Learn More

Click here to check out Elysion, learn more details, and decide if this might be something you want to add to your composer/producer toolkit.