Chord Chart - A Major ScaleDownload this Free Chord Chart for the Key of A Major.

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You will learn all the main triad chords, as well as the 7th chords and suspended chords on each scale degree.

These are the notes of the A Major Scale: A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#

And here are the main chords (triads) of the A Major scale. Followed by a chord chart of the most fundamental chords per scale degree:

Chords in the Key of A Major

  • I = A Major
  • ii = B minor
  • iii = C# minor
  • IV = D Major
  • V = E Major
  • VI = F# Minor
  • vii° = G# diminished

A Major Scale – Chord Guide

  • I = A Maj, A Maj7, A sus2, A sus4
  • ii = B min, B min7, B sus2, B sus4
  • iii = C# min, C# min7, C# sus4
  • IV = D Maj, D Maj7, D sus2
  • V = E Maj, E7, E sus2, E sus4
  • VI = F# Min, F# min7, F# sus2, F# sus4
  • vii° = G# dim, G# min7(b5)

 A Major – Chord Chart with Pictures

Chords in the Key of A Major