Bunker Strings ReviewHello Composers, Mike here! =)

Are you looking for new and interesting rhythmic textures and tension-building sounds based on orchestral strings?

Then you might want to check out Bunker Strings.

Now I want to share my review of Bunker Strings with you, so let’s start with the end. My overall impression after trying this unique string library.

My Overall Impression: Bunker Strings is not your ordinary string library. It’s something very niche, very unique, and an instant source of character, tension and energy-building sounds for your music. Excellent for things like tension focused underscores, action-oriented scenes, and even trailer music. All in all, a super cool sound palette to have in your arsenal as a composer!

The Sound of Bunker Strings

Let’s start by checking out Bunker Samples’s great video overview showing the product and demonstrating many of the sounds.

My Favorite Things

1. The Character of Tension

I love how quick and easy this instrument can add amazing tension-rhythms and unique character to your music. The unique approach of recording, including the bunker recording space (hence the name).

Also the use of drum sticks on the strings both for a super cool col legno sound, and even tremolos using col legno, makes the end sound full of character!

2. The Expression via Density

This is a very unique feature where you can basically morph the density from 3 to 9 players, in all individual instruments (bass to violin).

3. The Sound Design Simplicity

The interface is very straight-forward and easy to dive into. You can dial in the stereo width, attack and release on all patches, and control the dynamics via an expression slider.

4. The Dry Sound

By having the instruments recorded without too much natural reverb, these sounds can add a very sharp, edgy character that is excellent for tension. Also great for accents, rhythms that need to have that focus.

Learn More about Bunker Strings

Do you want to learn more about Bunker Strings, and find out if this would be a great addition to your music composer tool box?

Learn More about this Product here