Best Xylophone VST Sample LibrariesAre you looking for great sounding xylophone sample libraries for your music composer toolkit?

This is my top list of recommendations of xylophone libraries, as well as mallet percussion libraries that include a great sounding xylophone:

5 Best Xylophone VST Sample Libraries

  1. Vital Series Mallets (Vir2)
  2. Mallet Flux (Sonuscore)
  3. Pianoteq (Modartt)
  4. Synchron Mallets 1  (VSL)
  5. Mallets (Sonokinetic)

Vital Series Mallets (Vir2)

Mallet Flux (Sonuscore)

Pianoteq (Modartt)

Synchron Mallets 1  (VSL)

Mallets (Sonokinetic)