Best Autotune VST PluginsAre you looking for a great sounding and easy to use pitch correction VST plugin for vocals?

Since Antares Autotune plugin was the first popular one in this category, people often refer to pitch correction and editing plugins as “Autotune plugins”.

Here is my recommendations for pitch correction (autotune) plugins for vocals:

5 Best Vocal Autotune VST Plugins

  1. Waves Tune Real-time (Waves)
  2. Melodyne Studio (Celemony)
  3. Auto-Tune Pro (Antares)
  4. Nectar 3 Plus (iZoTope)
  5. Auto-Tune Access (Antares)

Waves Tune Real-time (Waves)

Melodyne Studio (Celemony)

Auto-Tune Pro (Antares)

Nectar 3 Plus (iZoTope)

Auto-Tune Access (Antares)