Best Viola VST Sample LibraryIf you are looking for a great sounding and high quality usuable viola sample library or VST plugin, then you have come to the right place. I think it’s a bit sad that the viola has such a bad reputation for some reason. It can be wonderfully lyrical, all the way to biting aggressive, depending on how you choose to perform your parts in your music! =)

Alright, let’s get into the thing you came here for. My top list of recommendations of viola sample libraries and VST plugins. Some are dedicated to viola only, and some are part of a bigger bundle of orchestral strings. Also consider if you want solo viola, or a viola section.

5 Best Viola VST Sample Libraries

My Top Choice – Emotional Viola

I currently favor Emotional Viola. Because it has so much flexibility (and articulations), that you can play pretty much any phrase with it. There is also a very clever “ornament” system you can use, on top of the vast list of articulations.