Best Ukulele VST Sample LibraryAre you looking for great sounding Ukulele sample libraries for your music composer toolkit? Great for adding that light sweet background rhythm, or minimal plucky melodic lines.

This is my top list of recommendations of Ukulele VST Plugins and sample libraries:

5 Best Ukulele VST Sample Libraries

  1. Ample Ethno Ukulele
  2. Instant Ukulele
  3. Ukulele Collection
  4. Acousticsamples UKU
  5. Splash Sound Ukulele

The Power of Ukulele in Music

The Ukulele is like the little brother to the acoustic guitar. Only 4 strings, and more importantly way shorter neck and smaller body…which is what makes it so light and airy in its overall sound.

It can give your music that instant happy, uplifting, light-hearted vibe, which is why it has been so much used for commercials/ads that want to give the audience an uplifting mood to inspire good feelings.

The main things to consider for a Ukulele sample library or VST plugin are:

  • Chord analysis (from your keyboard input)
  • Chord selection (from key switches)
  • Strums (Up/Down, Muted variations)
  • Dynamics (velocity layers)
  • Single Notes (plucks)
  • Phrases (pre-recorded rhythms)
  • Extra Articulations (slides, vibrato, bends)