Best Synth VSTHello Composers! Mike here, with a quick guide on the Best Synth VST Plugins. =)

The Synthesizer is the most versatile and flexible instrument in the world. You can practically design any kind of sound, from fat basses, to sharp hooks, smooth leads, short plucks, rich pads, the list goes on.

Sound Design with synthesizers is incredibly powerful. You can shape the waveforms, adjust the sound over time with envelopes, add movement with LFO’s and automation, and go as deep as you want.

But which Synth VST Plugins should you choose? Well, here is my complete list of recommendations for you:

10 Best Synth VST Plugins

  1. Omnisphere (Spectrasonics)
  2. Serum (Xfer Records)
  3. LUSH-101 (D16 Group)
  4. DIVA (U-he)
  5. The Legend (Synapse Audio)
  6. Falcon (UVI)
  7. Iris (iZoTope)
  8. Zebra (U-he)
  9. Hive (U-he)
  10. Spire (Reveal Sound)