Best Stereo Widener VST PluginsDo you want to enhance the stereo image and control the stereo width of your music? Take charge of the stereo depth and field for individual tracks in your mix, as well as group channels and the master stereo output.

This is my top list of recommendations of Stereo Widener VST plugins, both paid and free:

5 Best Stereo Widener VST Plugins

  1. MStereoProcessor
  2. Stereo Savage
  3. Ozone Imager 2
  4. S1 Stereo Imager
  5. MicroShift

The Power of Stereo Width Plugins

The most important aspect of stereo widener (stereo width) plugins, is that you should be able to both increase or decrease the stereo depth. As a general rule, the things you want to be in focus, and the sounds in the low-end that need the most energy, should be more focused in the centre of the stereo field. So the bass drum, snare drum, vocals and bass, should be more or less in mono….even if you can of course use doubling parts for stereo power on vocals etc.

The main things to consider for a stereo widener plugin are:

  • Algorithm(s) for Stereo Width (sometimes you have options)
  • Bass Bypass option (to make sure you don’t widen the lows)
  • Frequency band split (to shape stereo in different ranges)
  • Visual Display of Stereo Field
  • Special Modulation FX for stereo effect