Best Solo Violin VSTHello Composers! Mike here, with a quick guide on the Best Solo Violin VST Libraries. =)

The Violin is such a wonderful and expressive instrument. The dynamic range and amount of playing styles and articulations you can play is simply incredible.

Played in solo, the violin is excellent for carrying the main melody of your music composition. Like a solo vocal, it has amazing depth and range of expression.

Whether you play it solo, close and intimate, or together with a powerful orchestra. The solo violin will always add emotion into your music.

But which Solo Violin VST Library should you choose? Well, here is my complete list of recommendations for you (in no particular order):

Best Solo Violin VST Libraries

  1. Joshua Bell Violin (Embertone)
  2. Nocturne Violin (Orchestral Tools)
  3. Bohemian Violin (Virharmonic)
  4. Hollywood Solo Violin (EastWest)
  5. Solo Violin 2 (Vienna Symphonic Library)
  6. Chris Hein Solo Violin (Chris Hein)
  7. SWAM Violin (Audio Modeling)