Best Solo Cello VSTHello Composers! Mike here, with a quick guide on the Best Solo Cello VST Libraries. =)

The Cello is a beautiful instrument, full of warmth, depth, and rich emotion. The dynamic range, articulations and emotional tone you can get out of a cello is remarkable.

Played in solo, the cello is excellent for either leading the main melody, or doubling it with higher range instruments such as the violin.

There is a reason why the solo cello has been used both for solo concert performances, as well as a core foundation of the symphonic orchestra. It simply sounds beautiful.

But which Solo Cello VST Library should you choose? Well, here is my complete list of recommendations for you (in no particular order):

Best Solo Cello VST Libraries

  1. Tina Guo Cello (Cinesamples)
  2. Bohemian Cello (Virharmonic)
  3. Blakus Cello (Embertone)
  4. Emotional Cello (Best Service)
  5. Hollywood Solo Cello (EastWest)
  6. SWAM Cello (Audio Modeling)
  7. Chris Hein Solo Cello (Chris Hein)
  8. VSL Solo Cello 2 (Vienna Symphonic Library)