Best Oboe VST Sample LibraryAre you looking for a great sounding oboe VST plugin or sample library to use in your music compositions?

Oboes have an ability to add such a sweet romantic tone to your woodwind parts. In my opinion it has one of the most clear and beautiful vibrato expressions of all orchestral instruments. It can also add a sense of nostalgia, historic moments etc. due to its very classical sound and tone.

Alright, let’s get into the thing you came here for. My top list of recommendations of oboe sample libraries and VST plugins.

5 Best Oboe VST Sample Libraries

My Top Choice

It’s a tough choice, but my personal favorite is the VSL Woodwinds bundle, because it has an incredibly balanced tone, dynamics, and great room sound. It’s also a very nice user interface with so many ways to shape the sound and expression.