Best Harpsichord VST Sample LibraryAre you looking for a great sounding harpsichord VST plugin or sample library to use in your music compositions?

Harpsichords are perhaps not used too often, but due to their sharp attack and unique sound, they work excellent for certain situations. Especially if you want to portrait a sense of “aristocracy or authority” (ex: Pirates of the Caribbean OST).

Alright, let’s get into the thing you came here for. My top list of recommendations of harpsichord sample libraries and VST plugins.

5 Best Harpsichord VST Sample Libraries

My Top Choice: CineHarpsichord

Because it does not only have a great tone, but the room sound is amazing as well. It also have some great options to customize the sound with mic options and mixes. And you get 3 flavors of the harpsichord: Cinematic, Baroque and Vintage.