Best Guitar Amp VST PluginsAre you looking for great sounding Guitar Amp VST Plugins for your music production toolkit? Anything from light clean sounds, to crunchy vintage analog saturation, all the way to dirty shredder metal sounds.

I have done a lot of research, asking guitar producer friends, and listened to a lot of demonstrations of various guitar amp software.

This is my top list of recommendations of Guitar Amp VST Plugins:

5 Best Guitar Amp VST Plugins

  1. BIAS Platinum
  2. Amplitube MAX
  3. Amp Room
  4. Avid Eleven
  5. Overloud TH-U

The Power of Guitar Amps in Music

The guitar, and more importantly the electric guitar, is for good reasons one of the most prominent instruments used in music during the last decades. It is because it is so extremely expressive, versatile and can be adopted to any genre of music.

With a good guitar amp vst plugin you can craft any type of sound, tone and vibe for your guitar recordings (or even use on synths or other instruments for sound design).

The main things to consider for a Guitar Amp VST plugin are:

  • Overall Sound/Tone
  • Amp Models included
  • Cabinet Models included
  • Signal Chain Flexibility
  • FX/Pedals included
  • Preset Library
  • Ease of Use (to create your tones)