Best Free VST PluginsDo you want to get free VST plugins that actually sound great?

Today there is a huge range of plugins that you can download for free, and use without any limits. Compressors, Equalizers, Delays, Reverbs, Modulation FX, and much more. All waiting for you to download and put to good use in your music productions. Let’s check out the top list right now!

42 Free VST Plugins (Top List)

  1. Odin (Synthesizer)
  2. CollaB3 (Organ)
  3. Ample Guitar M Lite (Guitar)
  4. Ample Bass P Lite (Bass)
  5. Ample Percussion Cloudrum (Steel Drum)
  6. Rough Rider (Compressor)
  7. OTT (Compressor)
  8. ComBear (Compressor)
  9. Limiter Snapin (Limiter)
  10. 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ (Equalizer)
  11. EQ1A (Equalizer)
  12. Blindfold EQ (Equalizer)
  13. Filterstep (Filter)
  14. Filterjam (Filter)
  15. FAT Filter (Filter)
  16. Ozone Imager (Stereo Imager)
  17. Wider (Stereo Imager)
  18. Stereo Snapin (Stereo Imager)
  19. Valhalla Super Massive (Reverb)
  20. Delay Snapin (Delay)
  21. Saturation Knob (Distortion)
  22. Dr Drive (Distortion)
  23. Tube Saturator Vintage (Distortion)
  24. L12X Solid State (Amp)
  25. Blue Cat’s Free Amp (Amp)
  26. Amplifikation Lite (Amp)
  27. Krush (Bit Crusher)
  28. Delta Modulator (Bit Crusher)
  29. Multiply (Chorus)
  30. Blue Cat’s Chorus (Chorus)
  31. Chorus Snapin (Chorus)
  32. Blue Cat’s Flanger (Flanger)
  33. FreeMod (Phaser)
  34. Blue Cat’s Phaser (Phaser)
  35. SnareBuzz (Enhancer)
  36. SK10 (Enhancer)
  37. EFEKTOR Silencer (Gate)
  38. Ribs (Granular FX)
  39. PanCake (Modulator)
  40. Vinyl (Multi FX)
  41. Voxengo SPAN (Spectral Analysis)
  42. TAL-Vocoder (Vocoder)