Epic Percussion for Epic Music

Best Epic Percussion VST Libraries

Do you want a high quality, hard hitting, big and epic sounding percussion VST libraries tailored towards Trailer Music, Epic Music and Hybrid Scores?

Classic orchestral & cinematic percussion is focused on realism and authenticity, but that is not what Epic Music and Trailer Music is about, right?

Epic Percussion is very processed, sound designed, and excellent for augmenting the power of your overall percussion mix. Over the Top, is what Epic Percussion is about.

I will now give you my personal recommendations of the best percussion VST libraries for Epic Music.

Epic Percussion VST Libraries – Top List

  1. Damage (Heavyocity)
  2. Strikeforce (Laboratory Audio)
  3. SAGA (Red Room Audio)
  4. Cerberus (Audio Imperia)
  5. Ensemble Drums Collection (Heavyocity)

Hello Composers! =)

My name is Mike, founder of professionalcomposers.com, music composer and sound designer since 1998, old school nerd, and coffee addict. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s check out some Epic Percussion VST Libraries! =)

Damage (Heavyocity)

A very dark and processed overall sound, including 700+ loops, 500+ one-shots and 58 kits. Damage is not about natural orchestral percussion. The focus is rather on epic, loud and hard impacts.

One of my favorite features is the mean “Punish Knob” which adds saturation and grit to any percussion sound/ensemble. I also really enjoy the many ensemble patches that you get with Damage, where “Armageddon Ensemble” is my absolute favorite.

Main Specs & Features

  • 30 GB uncompressed (26,500+ samples)
  • 900+ NKIs (58 Kits, 900+ Loops)
  • Playable Trigger FX for real-time control
  • The “Punish Knob” for Saturation & Grit
  • Sound Positioning Grid

Strikeforce (Laboratory Audio)

Strikeforce main focus is on a modern and powerful sound. Recorded, mixed and produced in Los Angeles, with an overall Hollywood Blockbuster “over the top” sound.

It has a very unique approach to dynamics, where for example things like reverb tail, EQ settings and compression changes in the various dynamic layers.

You can also go from solo, to small ensemble, to big ensemble in one single patch, which is not only amazing for dynamics and contrast variation, but also insanely practical for your composer workflow.

Main Specs & Features

  • 43 GB uncompressed
  • 129 Total KONTAKT Instruments
  • 12 Multi Presets
  • Close and Far Mix, with Individual Pitch and ADSR
  • 5 Different Drum Tunings per Ensemble / Solo Patch

SAGA (Red Room Audio)

SAGA gives you a large collection that goes from world instruments, to epic drum ensembles, to metal percussion, and even tools and experimental sounds. All to provide you with an arsenal of sounds for cinematic and epic music composition.

Since it was recorded on a scoring stage you get nice depth, without having everything too wet. This means you can add your own favorite reverb if you want to push these instruments into a bigger space.

There are over 110 instruments in total, and I especially like the range of sounds you get in this library. From the smallest and lightest sticky/clicky/tocky type of sounds…to the mega epic field recordings in giant industrial silos!

Main Specs & Features

  • 4 GB of content (11,346 samples)
  • Up to 7 dynamic layers and 10 round robin
  • Recorded in a fairly dry hall with 2 microphone positions
  • Multiple articulations (rolls, rims, edges, various sticks & mallets)
  • Extra Field Recordings (tools, machinery, giant silos etc.)

Cerberus (Audio Imperia)

Cerberus gives you a quick and easy workflow to build your larger-than-life percussion ensembles. Featuring a “stacking script”, you can go from the recorded trio into a big army of percussionists.

As a bonus you also get a drum kit which was recorded on location in the same space. As well as a Gran Cassa ensemble.

Main Specs & Features

  • 13.3 GB installed
  • Drum Ensembles (Gran Cassas, Kick Drums, Low Toms, Mid Toms, High Toms, Snares, Clacks, Clicks)
  • 7 microphone positions (regular patches)
  • 3 mix mic positions (processed patches)
  • True Stacking Engine (with additional round robin samples)

Ensemble Drums Collection (Heavyocity)

If you need massive ensembles of percussion that have that instant “epic vibe”, then Ensemble drums collection of  the Master Series from Heavyocity will feel like a godsend.

It’s super easy to dive and and play/record, and get a huge sound without even touching the interface. But if you want to do more sound design and shaping the overall sounds, the interface is very straightforward and fun to use. Especially the Punish Knob and the 3D stage view are wonderfully satisfying to experiment with.

Main Specs & Features

  • 3.5 GB uncompressed (1,650+ samples)
  • 470+ NKIs and 30+ Kits
  • The Stage for easy stereo placement
  • The signature Punish Knob
  • The Loop Mutator

Honorable mentions

  • Drums of War (Cinesamples)
  • Stormdrum (EastWest)
  • Action Strikes (Native Instruments)

Best Epic Percussion VST (Summary)

Learn more about each of these great percussion VST libraries aimed at epic cinematic music and trailer music. Read the specifications, listen do the audio demos, and get a complete overview: