Best Electric Piano VST PluginsDo you want to find the best VST plugins and sample libraries for electric pianos and keyboards for your music?

Electric pianos are one of the most versatile instrument types for music production. From butter-smooth and warm, to magical and shimmering.

And while Rhodes and Wurlitzer are the most recognized brands, there are several more out there. And better yet, you can find collections of electric piano sounds that not only sound great, but are very easy to shape the tone of and customize for your specific track.

Here’s my top list of electric piano instruments and bundles that I recommend:

5 Best Electric Piano VST Plugins

Keyscape (Spectrasonics)

Keysuite Bundle (UVI)

Addictive Keys Mark One (XLN Audio)

EZKEYS (Toontrack)

Pianoteq Pro (Modart)