Best Compressor VST PluginsHello Composers! Mike here, with a quick guide on the Best Compressor VST Plugins. =)

Dynamic Range Compression, or “Compression” for short, is probably the most fundamental effect in music production. Smooth out the rough edges by compressing the peaks, or go hard with ultra high compression for a gritty squashed sound.

Compressors balance out the audio by reducing the peaks. This means you can also increase the average loudness level by boosting the output after compressing the sound.

It also means you can avoid softer notes on for example vocals to be lost in the mix. Overall, the compressor is used on almost every mixing track/group in music production.

But which Compressor VST Plugins should you choose? Well, here is my complete list of recommendations for you (in no particular order):

Best Compressor VST Plugins (Top List)

  1. FET Compressor (Softube)
  2. Tubetech CL 1B (Softube)
  3. Summit Audio TLA-100A (Softube)
  4. Weiss Compressor/Limiter (Softube)
  5. Drawmer S73 (Softube)
  6. FG-116 (Slate Digital)
  7. FX-Stress (Slate Digital)
  8. FG-A (Slate Digital)
  9. Pro-C2 (Fabfilter)
  10. Devil-Loc Deluxe (Soundtoys)
  11. PSP Vintagewarmer (PSP Audioware)
  12. PSP FETpressor (PSP Audioware)
  13. CLA Classic Compressors (Waves)
  14. CA-2A T-Type (Cakewalk)
  15. Comp 670 (Overloud)