Do you want a wider, fatter sound? A good chorus effect plugin can be a nice way to achieve just that.

Syntorus D16 GroupHello Composers! =)
Mike here, and today I’m going to tell you about Syntorus by D16 Group, because it has become one of my favorite chorus effect plugins. =)

I like to use it on basses, leads, pads, poly synths, and basically anywhere I want a wider, richer stereo field in the final sound.


So what is Syntorus? It is a chorus VST plugin which focus on that classic analog sound many of us love so much. It can work great for basses, leads, guitars…and will add richness, depth and an overall lush vibe.

Syntorus features two analog delay lines to create the chorus effect. Both delay lines have a built-in tremolo effect to further add movement in the chorus effect.

You also get a high-pass filter, which I often use to avoid messing up the focus in the low-end.

There’s also a button called “BBD-emulation”, which will add even more analog warmth and character to the sound.


  1. The Ease of use
    A great user interface, and a bank of presets, make this plugin so quick and easy to use. Just slap it on to your instrument, choose a preset, and customize it if you want.
  2. The Sync with Host
    Not only can you sync the LFO’s to your DAW’s tempo, but Syntorus is also perfectly phase-synced to the position in your project.
  3. The Analog Character
    This chorus effect truly brings out that vintage analog vibe on any track you put it on. And adding some tremolo will add even further depth and classic sound.


I would have liked to see a low-pass filter as well, for those cases I just want to add depth in the mid frequencies. Or perhaps even a multi-mode filter.


Syntorus really is one of my favorite chorus effect plugins. It looks good, it sounds good, it feels good…and it is super fast and easy to work with.

It has a definite analog character to the sound it creates, and can make even the most dull performance sound richer, deeper and more interesting.


Learn more about Syntorus by D16 group here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.