Do you want to crush your sound into that old school retro vibe? From slight bitcrushing similar to the 90s lo-fi hip hop sound…all the way to complete retro 8-bit character. Then a good bitcrusher plugin is what you need! =)

Decimort 2 by D16 GroupHello Composers! =)
Mike here, and I’m going to talk to you about a really cool Bitcrusher Plugin I have start using, called Decimort 2 by D16 Group.

I’ve used it on anything from drums and percussion, to sound effects and rhythmic pulses. And this has quickly become my new favorite bitcrusher plugin! =)

Decimort 2 – What is it

Decimort is a bitcrusher in the classic sense, but also a lot more. It can add that classic coloration and warmth of classic samplers of the old days. But you also get advanced features such as controllable jitter and dithering, plus a multimode filter.

You can adjust the pre-amp gain, and of course the big re-sampler knob is what it’s all about. Crushing that sound!

Decimort 2 – User Interface

The GUI is stunning in design, and also switchable in size, and I personally use the bigger version since I have a high resolution screen. It’s very straight-forward in the layout, and fast to work with.

Decimort 2 comes with a preset bank with a nice set of presets to bring you the sound of the old vintage era.

Sound Demo Video

Learn More

Click here to learn more about Decimort 2, with all features and specifications.