Free Orchestral Strings VST Sample LibrariesHello Composers, Mike here.

So you like to compose music in the cinematic and orchestral realm? Or perhaps you just to add that noble and expressive quality of orchestral strings to your EDM, Pop, Rock etc. tracks?

Well, recording orchestras in high quality, with several techniques, dynamic layers etc. is expensive. And the market is not that huge. Which is why orchestral strings (or any sample libraries in this field) are expensive.

However, I have found these great and free alternatives for  you:

7 FREE Orchestral Strings VST Sample Libraries

  1. LABS Strings
  2. Intimate Strings Lite
  3. Cello Freebie
  4. OT Layers
  5. The Free Orchestra
  6. BBCSO Discover
  7. Palette – Primary Colors

Video Demonstration

Even with a free orchestral strings or complete orchestra sample library, you can create beautiful and expressive music. Take a look at this video demonstrations featuring BBCSO Discover.