How to Get more Plays and Followers on SpotifyIt has never been easier to release your own music, and distributed to online streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music etc. You simply need to use a music distributor like for example: DistroKid – Special Discount Link here.

However, the downside of this easy process of releasing music is that the competition is growing every day, as there are millions of artists your music will compete with for the attention of Spotify listeners.

But what can you do in order to increase the amount of followers, plays (streams) you get on Spotify and other music streaming platforms?

1. Build your Personal Brand

This is no longer an option to skip. If you want to connect with people (for example music listeners, or potential fans) you have to build a personal brand as an artist. Choose whatever social media platforms you prefer, and then build an audience by making content for them. Video is of course the best, but good visuals and images can work well too. The important thing is to create content people want to watch. When you gain traction, that is when you can promote your Spotify links.

2. Get your Music on Playlists

People find new music when it is on playlists that found, saved or got recommended by either the platform, influencers, or their own friends. So trying to find the contact details of curators of playlists and then writing a short to the point message or email to them asking them to consider your music for their playlist…can be very fruitful if you succeed.

3. Get your Music on YouTube Channels

There are actually many music “playlist” channels, that simply post music made from independent artists and composers with their permission. Search for these “Music Channels” on YouTube, and find the details on how to submit your music to them. If their channel is successful it will be easy to find submission details, however not so easy to get “picked”. Often they have a precise procedure to submit music. Make sure you follow it to the point.

4. Do Covers to Gain Traction

Let’s be honest. People don’t really look for new artists that much. Most often we stick to what we already know, or perhaps in some rare occasions got recommended by a friend. However, a great way to get people introduced to you as an artist, is to make covers of already famous tracks. You can then post that cover on YouTube, SoundCloud and all kinds of free places to listen to music, and you can even publish your final cover on Spotify and music streaming services as well. When people find your covers first, they are far more likely to check out your original music too.

5. Create your own Playlists

Creating and sharing your own playlists on specific “themes” can be a great way to make people find your music. Make sure to fill these playlists that you create with similar styles of music as yours, and then pop in some of your tracks in there, but mainly use famous tracks within that style/theme by other artists.