Do you feel the desire to compose new music today? But struggle with how will you get inspiration to come up with new ideas and be creative? In this post I will share 5 ways to kickstart your creative engine.

5 Ways to Boost your Music Composing InspirationHey friends and composers, Mike here. Sharing my journey as a music composer, to inspire creative people like you. And today I want to share 5 tips on boosting your creative mind, and kickstarting your inspiration for new music. Here we go:

Tip 1 – Visual Eye Candy Method

I personally get a lot of inspiration from watching movie clips, or looking at beautiful artwork. So one way to boost your inspiration can be to watch a short clip from a movie, or TV series. Or any other inspiring video clip. Also, I like going to stock image websites, not to buy, but to be inspired. Websites with high resolution computer desktop images can also spark my creative mind. Especially the nature, space, fantasy and sci-fi sections. I sum all of these sources as: Eye Candy. Because for the movie clips, I mute the sound. I am just looking for visual inspiration to kickstart my musical ideas.

Tip 2 – Favorite Music Method

Of course, listening to your favorite composers and producers can give you lots of motivation to create something yourself. You can get ideas from the arrangement and song structure, the chords and harmonies they use, the sound palette, the sound design and so on.

Tip 3 – Micro Listening Method

This method works amazingly well. It’s basically to start listening to a snippet of any song…not only your favorites, but any track. Start playing on a random spot in that song, and play it for only couple of seconds. Then suddenly stop, right in the middle of the musical phrase. Your brain will automatically want to fill in what comes next, which in turn will help you come up with lots of new ideas. Not only for that phrase, but for anything.

Tip 4 – Pedal Note Method

It’s very strange, but simply holding a single bass note, on a pad, bass, or drone sound…will automatically make you come up with ideas. It works like a charm, every time. You can extend this method by shifting between 2 bass notes. And then more…and more…until the pedal note has turned into a complete bass line.

Tip 5 – Empty Mind Method

Now, this is probably the best method of them all. Which is strange really, since it is about removing all thoughts about music whatsoever. It’s easy. Start doing anything that does not require much thought. Like the dishes, laundry, or going for a walk. If you are like me, you will get most ideas for new music, when you are away from your studio, away from your musical instruments and tools. You only need one thing…a smartphone or audio recorder to record those ideas by simply humming them in, as soon as you get them.

Your Action Time!

Professional Composers - Take ActionSo those are some of my best methods I use for kickstarting my creativity and inspiration for composing new music. There are of course countless of methods you can use, so try to come up with your ways.

What methods do you use to boost your creativity? Remember, the only way to move forward on your professional journey in music, is to Take Action.

PS. I wish you Great Success on your Professional Journey in Music! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer