Best Sub Bass VST PluginsDo you want to get that perfect sub bass in your music productions? Low, deep and powerful, but still with a high degree of control.

A good sub bass synth or VST plugin is essential to have in any style of music. So I want to give you my top list of recommendations.

5 Best Sub Bass VST Plugins

  1. Trilian (Spectrasonics)
  2. SubBoomBass (Rob Papen)
  3. 808 Studio (Initial Audio)
  4. Sublab (Future Audio Workshop)
  5. Diva (u-he)

Trilian (Spectrasonics)

The grand master bass vst plugin, with more presets and higher sound design capability than any other I’ve ever tried. The downside can be that is it not super focused on sub bass alone, but rather all types of basses.

SubBoomBass (Rob Papen)

Lots of presets, and a packed GUI with features to design your own sub basses. And it even has a built in sequencer. It can feel a bit too messy (cluttered) if you prefer a more clean and focused interface.

808 Studio (Initial Audio)

A sleek modern looking interface based on a module approach will guide you towards creating your own amazing sub bass sounds. Both 808 kicks and deep massive sub basses.

Sublab (Future Audio Workshop)

Complete focus on low deep sub basses, with only 1 oscillator, but an optional sample layer. You can even adjust the sub vs harmonics with their x-sub feature.

Diva (u-he)

The classic analog sound will never go out of style, and it is excellent for deep warm basses. If you are familiar with the classic synth layout, Diva will feel very comfortable for you. And since workflow is so important in music production and sound design, this ease of use might be exactly what you need.