Best Saxophone VST Sample LibraryAre you looking for great sounding saxophone VST Plugins or sample libraries for your music composer toolkit?

This is my top list of recommendations of saxophone VST plugins and sample libraries, both individual instruments and saxophones which are part of a bigger collection.

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5 Best Saxophone VST Sample Libraries

  1. Mojo 2 Horn Section (Vir2)
  2. SWAM Saxophones (Audio Modeling)
  3. Studio Saxophones (8dio)
  4. Session Horns Pro (Native Instruments)
  5. Infinite Woodwinds (Aaron Venture)

Mojo 2 Horn Section (Vir2)

SWAM Saxophones (Audio Modeling)

Studio Saxophones (8dio)

Session Horns Pro (Native Instruments)

Infinite Woodwinds (Aaron Venture)