Best Clarinet VST Sample LibrarySo you want the greatest sound clarinet sample library or VST plugin, do you? =)

The clarinet is in my opinion the most dynamic and versatile instrument in the orchestral woodwinds family. It has an incredibly note range, dynamic range, and articulations. Works well as a smooth background instrument in the lower range, supporting harmony in the low to mid, or focused lead melody in the mid to high range.

Alright, let’s get into the thing you came here for. My top list of recommendations of clarinet sample libraries and VST plugins.

5 Best Clarinet VST Sample Libraries

My Top Choice

It depends on what style of music I write. For more upfront clarinets like jazz, or solo lines SWAM is great. But since I do mainly orchestral/cinematic music I tend to prefer Infinite Woodwinds. It includes several different clarinets, and the best thing about it is the incredible playability and expression, without having to use key switches.