Best YouTube Channels for Music ComposersIf you want to learn how to compose music from tips, tutorials, behind the scenes live work, sample library/plugin deep dives, and more…then you should subscribe and follow these amazing YouTube channels by and for Music Composers.

Note: this is a list of Music Composer YouTubers, not music production, music theory, guitar/piano or whatever.

11 Best Music Composer YouTuber Channels

  1. Junkie XL
  2. Alex Moukala
  3. Christopher Siu
  4. Inside the Score
  5. Christian Henson
  6. Ashton Gleckman
  7. Daniel James
  8. JJay Berthume
  9. Art of Composing
  10. Dirk Ehlert
  11. FilmScoreAnalysis

Note: I would also love to recommend my own YouTube Channel which has lots of tips, tricks and tutorials on: Music Composition, Sound Design, Logic Pro X and more: Mikael Baggström’s YouTube Channel for Composers