Why Piano is the Best InstrumentThe Piano is quite simply the BEST instrument in the world! Do you agree, or disagree, please share your opinion in a comment below.

Now let’s explore the awesome power of the piano, which makes it the king of instruments in my opinion:

1 – The Piano has incredible Tonal Range

The Piano has 88 chromatic keys of Tonal Range. No other instrument can match this. You can play notes all the way from A0, which is sub bass territory. And you can also go up higher than almost all instruments, all the way to C8. 

2 – The Piano has amazing Dynamic Range

The piano is actually short for “pianoforte”. Piano means “soft” and Forte means “loud”. This is because the piano as a music instrument, was invented and designed to be able to play all dynamic ranges from the softest of soft “ppp” to the loudest “fff” dynamics. And this amazing dynamic range is available to you for each note independently.

3 – The Piano has ultimate Polyphony

Most instruments in the orchestra play monophonically, meaning one note at a time. Just like your voice. Some instruments can indeed play 2 notes at the same time, and some can play full chords like the guitar.

But the piano is a legend when it comes to polyphonic lines, because you can play as many notes as you have fingers.

This is my favorite feature of the piano, because it means you can play the bassline, chords and melodies at the same time. Making it the most powerful instrument for songwriting, sketching, and composing in the world.

What about Expression?

Now, I know many of you that will disagree with me about my statement that the piano is the best instrument in the world. 

And I know that the most common objection is that the piano lack many expressive qualities compared to some other instruments.

And yes, that is true. The piano ca not do legato, vibrato, note bends or any of that. But these 3 major piano superhero powers that I mentioned to you, are so incredibly awesome that they vastly overweigh the lack of expressive articulations in my opinion.

The piano is the king of instruments, because you can play any song in the world on the piano, almost like you are an entire band on one single instrument. The bass line, the rhythm, the chords and harmonies, the voice leading, and the melody. All at the same time!

This is why the piano is the best instrument in the world, in my opinion. What do you think? If you agree, or disagree, please share you opinions in a comment below.