Do you want your mixes to sound better? To make your melodies, riffs and hooks, or any instrument and sound stand out with great clarity and focus. Enter WavesFactory – Trackspacer 2.5! =)

Trackspacer 2.5 by WavesFactoryTHE OVERVIEW

What is Trackspacer? Basically it is an insert effect plugin that you use to reduce frequencies on one track in favor of another track.

You can think of it like sidechain compression, but instead of compressing the whole sound, this plugin focus on the problem frequencies over the full spectrum, and leave the rest.

Trackspacer uses an internal 32-band EQ, and listens to the sidechain signal from one track, then applies a reversed EQ curve to the master track in real time.

Basically, the most important frequencies on the master track will have more clarity and focus, since those frequencies are automatically reduced on the other track(s).


1. The Quick Results
This is one of those plugins that simply works, fast and easy. You can instantly get more clarity and focus on any track, by using this plugin on the “fighting” tracks.

2. The Simple Interface
I love clear, simple and beautiful UIs. And Trackspacer is really straightforward. A big knob in the middle to dial in the amount of dynamic EQ reduction. High and low cut filters. And then you can go into the advanced mode to access pan, mid-side settings, and attack/release controls.

3. The Visual Feedback
To be able to see the frequencies of the incoming signal (master track), as well as the frequency reduction being applied in real time on the slave track.



The only minor thing I would like to change is to increase the UI size so that the advanced view is visible at the same time as the spectrum visualizer. Also, the button to open up the advanced mode is too small and easy to miss in my opinion.


I have fallen slightly in love with this plugin. Why? Because it is so fast and easy to use, and it simply works! We all know how hard we work on getting our mixes to sound clear, with good separation between tracks.

Some sounds are always fighting extra much with each other. Such as the kick drum vs the bass, or the leading melody vs the chords. Well, simply slap on the Trackspacer on the two opposing tracks, and get instant improvement in separation.


Learn more about Trackspacer by WavesFactory here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.