Analog VST Synth - The LegendDo you want the sound of a true analog synthesizer, as a VST plugin in your DAW? The warmth, the vibe, and the character of one of the most classic synths in history.

Synapse Audio have created an amazing emulation of the MiniMoog Model D, which might be exactly what you are looking for. I know it was for me. =)


You don’t mess with a legend! And Synapse Audio have really done the MiniMoog justice by accurately emulating every aspect of this great classic synthesizer.

The oscillators, the filters, the envelopes, everything. Even variations due to temperature shifts and the power supply has been emulated.

However, even though The Legend has the sound of the classic synth down to every detail, they have added some features in the VST plugin that were not available in the old hardware version: like unison and polyphonic mode.

You also get a lot of extra features on the back side of the synth. Such as performance mapping, drift control, amplifier saturation, and even a delay and reverb effect.


  1. The Sound
    I have to be honest. I am a huge fan of the classic analog synthesizer sound. And The Legend is one of the best analog style VST synths I have ever heard, period.
  2. The GUI
    Not only does it look stunningly beautiful, but it is also very clear. You get decent space between all knobs, a good nice font, and very clearly separated sections. This might be overlooked by some, but for fast workflow a well designed GUI is essential. You can even switch the GUI size between: small, medium and large.
  3. The Back Panel
    It’s like finding a hidden candy store when you flip to the back side of the synth. This is where you can really dial in the analog character of sound, the performance controls, and the final polish. You can even switch between 2 different models of the MiniMoog (an early and a late model).


Having polyphonic mode is amazing, but I would have loved an 8-part polyphony mode to play big chords on pads etc. Even though I love the back panel, sometimes I have felt that I wanted some of those features available on the front side of the interface. Especially the performance mappings, since the performance control over the sounds is so important to me.


The Legend truly sums up what this synth is all about. A legendary synthesizer with a legendary sound. Even though I have never owned the real MiniMoog, I have always been a fan of the warm and characteristic sound of analog, vintage synthesizers.

The Legend by Synapse Audio has gone directly into my master project template in my DAW. I love it for basses, it’s practically impossible to make a bad sounding bass on this synth! But I also like using it for shorter sounds. Like warm, plucky ostinatos.

And since you can do polyphonic with this version, I can create super warm, lush pads, or epic synth stabs.

And of course, with some creative performance automation you can do amazing leads as well.


Learn more about The Legend by Synapse Audio here. Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc.