Top 5 Crazy and Funny Music InstrumentsThere are 1000s and 1000s of different instruments in the world, some or them are super common like guitar and piano. Others are unusual, like the chalumeau or the low whistle.

And then there instruments that are simply strange, crazy, funny and basically made for making meme music. Let’s check out my top 5 picks for strange and funny music instruments.

Top 5 Strange Music Instruments

  1. Jaw Harp
  2. Stylophone
  3. Theremin
  4. Otamatone
  5. Kazoo

1. Jaw Harp

This is the oldest instrument on the list, literally played 1000s of years ago. It is basically a metallic resonator that you place between your teeth, and then play picking the metal reed that will start to vibrate with a frequency you then control and shape with your mouth. It has a sound that is energetic and rhythmic, almost like pre-historic chase music. 

2. Stylephone

An early meme music instrument invented in 1967, with a sound that makes you think of retro 8-bit video game music. The name comes from the fact that you literally play it with a stylus. The layout is like a tiny piano, but with metal plates that you place and drag your stylus on.

3. Theremine

This instrument i literally the essence of “spooky sounds”, like ghosts whispering in the wind. It is also old, invented in 1928, and to make it even more ghost like, you actually play the instrument without any physical contact at all. Instead it uses two antennas, and basically measures the changes in the radio frequency field when you move your hands between them. Extremely hard to play, but also incredibly crazy and spooky.

5. Kazoo

The cheapest instrument on this list, which has an extremely funny buzzing sound that almost sounds like an angry bee. You can get one for as cheap as 1 US dollar, and it is super fun to play. Just hum melodies into it and that’s it, one of easiest instrument ever made.

5. Otamatone

The final one on the list is the only modern invention, introduced in Japan in 2009. It is an electronic instrument that looks like a toy, and sounds hilarious. It’s basically a smiley face with a long neck above it that you press your fingers on and glide between the notes. It comes in different colors and sizes, and it seems to be literally made for making meme music.