51 AMAZING Piano Roll Tips in Logic Pro XHello Composers, Mike here! =)

I have made an EPIC video which took my almost an entire day to plan, produce, edit, polish and finish.

Are YOU ready to master the piano roll in Logic?

WATCH VIDEO: 51 piano roll tips in Logic Pro X

Please watch the video first, but also, in this article I share all my tips in a great quick guide. A list of all 51 tips that you can use as a reference, so make sure you bookmark this page. Alright, here we go! =)

51 Piano Roll Tips in Logic Pro X

  1. Get a 3rd Tool
    Preferences – General – Editing – Right-Click….
  2. Learn the Tool Menu (T)
    T + I = Scissor   T + B= Brush Tool   T + T = Pointer
  3. Velocity Tool
    CMD + CTRL
  4. Zoom (Z)
    Or use the Zoom Tool: OPTION (+CTRL) + Drag Area
  5. Quick Menu
    CTRL + Left-Click in any empty area
  6. Edit Menu
    CTRL + Left-Click in any note
  7. Repeat Selected
    CMD + R
  8. Global Tracks (G)
    You can also customize what global tracks you want to see
  9. Marker Track (‘)
    You can even see the Marker Track in the Piano Roll view
  10. Show Automation = A
    This command works both in the Piano Roll and the Sequencer
  11. Toggle Automation Lanes
    CMD + Y
  12. Multi-Editing – View by Region Colors
    Quick Menu – Region Colors
  13. Multi-Editing – View Single Region
    Double-Click Note
  14. Toggle Collapse Mode
    Button in Piano Roll (I recommend making a custom key command)
  15. Toggle MIDI Input
    Button in Piano Roll (I recommend making a custom key command)
  16. Step Input Keyboard
    OPTION + CMD + K
  17. Join Notes
    CMD + J
  18. Split Notes
    Scissor Tool
  19. Multi Split Notes
    Scissor Tool + OPTION + Left-Click
  20. Duplicate Notes
    OPTION + Drag
  21. See Note Names
    View – Note Labels
  22. Nudge Notes Left/Right
    OPTION + Left/Right Arrow
  23. Mute Notes
    CTRL + M
  24. Temporarily Disable Snapping
    Left-Click + CTRL + SHIFT + Drag
  25. Zoom to Fit = Z
    For what is Selected (example: Region or Notes)
  26. Force Legato
    CTRL-Left-Click – Trim Note End…(Force Legato)
  27. Remove Overlap
    CTRL-Left-Click – Trim Note to Remove Overlaps
  28. Show Chord on Selection
    Select Notes – Check the Upper Left Corner
  29. Add to Selection
    Shift-Click or “Shift + Arrow Left/right”
  30. Scroll in Play
    Quick Menu or (CTRL + ‘)
  31. Split Notes at Playhead
    Select Notes + CMD + T
  32. Transpose Notes
    OPTION + Up/Down (+Shift for Octaves)
  33. Make Selected Notes the Same Length
    OPTION + SHIFT + Drag Left/Right
  34. Make Selected Notes the Same Velocity
    Velocity Tool + OPTION + SHIFT + Drag Up/Down
  35. Toggle Note Audition (Sound)
    MIDI Out Button (OPTION + O)
  36. Select All
    CMD + A
  37. Invert Selection
    Shift + I
  38. Browse Through Notes
    Arrow Left/Right
  39. Add to Selection
    Shift + Arrow Left/Right
  40. Select Same Note Pitch
    Shift + E (or click piano roll key)
  41. Select Same Note Name
    Shift + S
  42. Select Same Sub Position
    Shift + P
  43. Select all Following
    Shift + F (CTRL for same pitch only)
  44. Select Same Articulation
    Shift + D
  45. Select Same Color
    Shift + C
  46. Select Overlapped Notes
    Shift + O
  47. Select all inside Locators
    Shift + L
  48. Select Muted Notes
    Shift + M
  49. Trim Note to Playhead
    CMD + { or CMD + }
  50. Select Top Notes
    Shift + Arrow Up
  51. Select Bottom Notes
    Shift + Arrow Down

Amazing – Now take Action!

Make sure that you try out, and practice all these 51 tips, so that you can learn them deeply. Your goal is to become a master the piano roll in Logic Pro X.

I wish you great success on your journey in music! =)