New Journey in Music InstrumentsHello Music Creators! 😃
Today I want to tell you about a big change that will happen on my YouTube channel. Here’s the story.  I have recently become so inspired and motivated by several youtube musicians who makes such amazing music performance and videos on their channels.

So finally after all these years of composing music with software instruments, I have now decided to learn how to play real instruments, so that I can record them in my music compositions. I will also start to make covers and music performance videos here on my channel.

I started this new adventure and journey of mine about 1 month ago when I bought my very first acoustic instrument. This one, an Irish whistle in the key of D. So I started practicing every day, and made some good progress already.

All of a sudden I accidentally ordered an entire range of them in different keys. And now I am even waiting for a merchant to bring in a few low whistles made by a russian master craftsman.

I also stumbled upon the soulful, mysterious sound of native american flutes. So I ordered 2 of them in different keys as well. Basically, I am on an amazing and super exciting journey to become a multi-instrumentalist.

So after I learned all these wind instruments, I will continue with plucked string instruments like guitar and ukulele, then bowed string instruments. Then who knows where my journey will take me, but as you can tell I am super excited and I haven’t felt this way in many years.

So I wanted to share this with you because I will from now on focus my youtube channel on my music artist journey, with both original music as well as covers, and a whole lot more creative content and behind the scenes vlogs.

This way I can have fun again on my youtube channel, instead of forcing myself to do tutorials which I have done for 10 years and am so tired of.

I hope to have your support along the way on my new adventure and journey as a music composer and artist learning a whole range of instruments and creating amazing music here on my channel: