This video is a Quick Review, Overview and Sound Demo of Native Instruments Sample Library Thrill. Read on or Watch Video.

What is Native Instruments THRILL?

Native Instruments THRILL (Quick Review)This is a Kontakt instrument focused on delivering Scary Sounds, Dissonant Noises and Creepy Atmospheres to add Tension to your Music. It is a great tool for Soundtrack Composers, especially for film music. You know when you sit in the cinema, with your popcorn in one hand, and a soft drink in the other. And you feel a strong emotional buildup in the movie. Tension is starting to rise, and you almost sit frozen as you get prepared for what is going to happen next….That’s when the composer and sound designers of the movie use sounds like the ones in Native Instruments Thrill. These kinds of sounds can have all kinds of styles, but the main theme is dissonance. A character of the sound that makes you uneasy. Alright! So now you know what Thrill is about.

My Thoughts

This is a very niche sound library, and there are not many options out there for similar sound and control. With other libraries that features dissonant and scary soundscapes, you often have no or little control over the timing of the tension building up, or the character and blend of sound sources. I also like that this library is mainly focused on real orchestral sound sources. I very much like the overall sound and ease of use of this library. Basically, all you need is to choose a preset, and have fun with the X/Y pad. If you are a composer that needs to add tension in your soundtracks, or if you are a sound designer who needs scary sounds in your arsenal. This library is great.

My Constructive Feedback

  • The CPU usage seems to be quite high. A bit too high in my opinion, especially since it is based on sound samples.
  • I would like to have a release control easily accessibly for the total sound, because sometimes I felt I liked the sound, but the decay and release was to long. Many times you need a more sudden stop. So a release knob just below the X/Y pad would be great.
  • One effect I would really like to add inside this library is some kind of stutter and glitch effect. I find that glitches works great for these kind of creepy sounds.