Most Sad Chord ProgressionWhat is the most sad chord progression in music? Or “saddest chord progression”, if you want to be that guy. Let’s find out! =)

There are so many aspects that go into a chord progression: the scale and key, the actual chords and pattern, the chord inversions and voice leading, the bass line and so on.

Before we try to find out the most sad chord progression ever, you need to learn a few guidelines for writing sad chord progressions.

How to write Sad Chord Progressions

  • Write in a Minor Scale (or Mode)
  • Focus mainly on Minor Chords
  • Add Suspended Chords for Light Tension
  • Use 7-Chords for a Richer Harmony
  • Vary the Bass Note and Chord Voicings

Most Sad Chord Progression

Bb min7 – Bb sus2 – F min 7 – Gb sus2(b5) – Eb min 7 – Eb 7 (sus4) – F min7 – Bb min7

Now, this is my suggestion for a sad chord progression. Try it out for yourself, using different inversions for voice leading, and perhaps altering the bass line to extend the harmony further. Then experiment trying to create your own sad chord progressions.