Making a Music Video Performance StudioHello Music Creators! 😃

Today I want to share with you a new project I am working on, which I hope can inspire you as well. I am working on a new video production setup so that I can record music performances, covers and videos with a nice clean backdrop here in my studio.

Because my music studio corner is very messy with lots of gear and stuff, so I don’t think it would work as well for a music performance video.

So the idea I came up with was to use what I already have, but expand on it. So behind me here I have a window, so when I moved in here I installed these thick black curtains to block out the light. Now I am thinking that this would be a great black backdrop to use in my future music videos.

I tried a few test recordings and it actually looked good, but a bit boring. So I searched on YouTube for inspiration, and it seems that creative and ambient lighting with various colors makes a huge difference for the final video.

But I don’t have room for big lighting setups, so I went to the IKEA store (because I am Swedish, so shopping at IKEA is the LAW) and got a big spotlight ramp to put in the ceiling above me. It has 5 spotlights that I can angle as I need.

Then I also bought a floor lamp with 3 spotlights. Now for the actual lights. I will use the Philips Hue system because then I can program each spotlight in color and strength. So I got 8 Philips hue spot-lights, plus I also ordered 2 Philips Hue light bars, which most people put behind their TV or computer monitor. But I will use them on the floor shining upwards to create some mood lighting from a different angle in the videos.

So all in all this will be a kind of “custom hack” for a music video studio, cramped in a tiny tiny space, but hopefully I will now be able to get a nice atmospheric imagine in my future music performance videos.

I will keep you updated on this new video studio setup project in upcoming videos! =)