Joshua Bell Violin ReviewHello Composers, Mike here! =)

And today I will share my thoughts on Joshua Bell Violin from Embertone.

I’ve had it for about a week when writing this, and I have already used it in a real project with great result.

If you do not already own an expressive and feature rich solo violin software instrument, then I really think you should take a closer look at Joshua Bell Violin.

Because it is my favorite solo violin as of writing this, mainly for the amazing playability, which gives you a good sound in a very short time when recording your performances (provided that your can play and record fairly good of course).

The Sound & Playability

I always desire instruments that not only sound good, but have great playability without having to spend too much time in the MIDI editor to make the performance sound good.

Joshua Bell Violin is extremely playable, using smart scripting under the hood to create variations in the dynamics, playing techniques, legato, vibrato etc. Which means you can focus on the music much more than tedious and technical programming stuff.

Take a look at their video demo to see how great the playability is in action, you can truly create a performance with only you MIDI keyboard and MOD-wheel:

Right now, I think Joshua Bell Violin is the most expressive and versatile solo violin software instrument on the market. Not only because of the great sound, but more importantly for the amazing expression and playability.

The Specs & Main Features

  • Virtual Violin made for Kontakt 5 Player
  • Performed by the legendary violinist
  • The tone of a priceless Stradivarius
  • 12+ true legato styles
  • Flexible performance modes

Joshua Bell Violin Articulations

Joshua Bell Violin Articulations

Here’s a look at the articulation page, and as you can see you get a huge selection. And this does not show all the built-in legato transition styles that is right below your fingertips created when performing.

Joshua Bell Violin Character Controls

Joshua Bell Violin Tone Control

One very positive surprise to me was the character page, where you can shape the sound of the instrument. Of course the included convolution reverb settings are nice, but I found the tone controls to be very useful, where you can choose a setting anywhere from natural to dark.

Joshua Bell Violin Review Summary

So what is my final conclusion after using Joshua Bell Violin for just over a week, and testing out the features, the playability, the sound in action (in a real composition):

If you love legato, this instrument will be heaven for you, since you get 12+ true legato styles. If you love playability, this instrument can be used and sounds great straight out of the box due to very smart programming. And if you love expression and user control as much as I do, then Joshua Bell Violin will surely be very appreciated!