What are Triplets in MusicDo you want to learn how to play and use triplets in your music?

You can spice up your percussion, rhythm tracks, and even riffs and motifs by adding triplet notes in creative ways.

Triplets will always feel like a rhythmic surprise for the listener, since it breaks with the standard timing of straight notes.

Music Triplets – Quick Guide

  • Triplets = 2/3 the length of its corresponding straight note
  • Triplets = Played as one single unit (like stutter of one longer note)
  • Triplets = Almost always the same pitch or “quick runs”

How to Notate Triplets

Triplets must always be notated with the number 3 above the “collection” of triplet notes. Here’s a comparion of the notation of straight notes and the respective triplets based on the same note value.

1/8 Notes vs 1/8 Triplets

How to Notate Triplets - 8th Note Triplets

1/16 Notes vs 1/16 Triplets

How to Notate Triplets - 16th Note Triplets