How to write Fantasy MusicDo you want to compose music that sounds magical, enchanting, dreamy and romantic at the same time? The style of music you might label “fantasy music”.

Not epic, not action, not dramatic…but peaceful and beautiful. Such as the music of the elves in the Lord of the Rings. Or music often heard in fantasy RPGs in the more peaceful areas.

Here are some great tips to get you started! =)

How to write Fantasy Music (7 Tips)

  1. Slow Tempo for a Peaceful Mood
  2. Pleasing Harmonies (Low Tension)
  3. Soothing Vibe (No Piercing Sounds)
  4. Airy Instruments (Woodwinds, Pads)
  5. Long Notes (Legato and Dynamic Expression)
  6. Deep Space (Reverb and Air between Notes)
  7. Low Contrast (Minimal Rhythm and Accents)

Styles of Fantasy Music

There are of course a lot of different styles of “Fantasy Music”, but this guide is more about that mellow, laidback, dreamy, enchanting type of fantasy music. From the dreamy, magical and otherworldly “Lothlorien Theme” from The Lord of the Rings, to the idyllic, sweet and romantic tone of Elwyn Forest Theme in the World of Warcraft game soundtrack.

Live Examples of Magical Fantasy Music

You should also get familiar with the style and mood of magical fantasy music. Here are a couple of great examples that I recommend you to listen to and analyze, preferably with your eyes closed so you in as much musical information as you can.

  • Lord of the Rings Soundtrack – Many Meetings
  • World of Warcraft Soundtrack – Elwyn Forest
  • Skyrim Soundtrack – From Past to Present
  • Fable Soundtrack – Albion Awaits

Featured Composers – Fantasy Music Tracks

Here are some great fantasy music compositions created by composers in the “Professional Composers Online Community” :

Fantasy Music by Mike Heimburger

Fantasy Music by Chris Fassl

Roberto D’Aniello