How can you make money in music: from your skills, knowledge and experience?

How to Make Money in MusicWell, thankfully there are a great number of ways to generate income in many different fields. I have made a list for you to get you started.

7 main fields, with several examples within each field. Then it is up to you to choose how you want to make money from your music skills and knowledge.

Field 1 – Music Composition

Composing music for various projects, clients and end use is probably the most common way to make money as a music composer . Here are some examples:

  1. Compose Music for Clients
    Film, TV, games, apps.
  2. Compose for Music Libraries
    Exclusive vs non-exclusive. Freelancer vs in-house.
  3. Music Licensing Sync Fees
    Make money for the rights to sync your music to media.
  4. Music Composition Royalties
    Broadcast & performance royalties, mechanical royalties.
  5. Technical Music Work
    Orchestrating, notating, transcribing & arranging music.

Field 2 – Music Production

Producing other artists’ music and various music production client work is another common path to make a living in music. Here are some examples:

  1. Music Producer
    Mixing, producing and mastering music.
  2. Recording Engineer
    Recording instruments, vocals & audio in a studio, an event, or in the field.
  3. Audio Engineering
    Live audio & mixing for broadcast & live events.

Field 3 – Music Performance

Playing gigs and performing live as an artist for fans, or booked for a client, is the classic revenue path in music that also builds your own personal brand from exposure. For example:

  1. Playing your own Live Shows
    Tours, special events, weddings.
  2. Contracted Musician
    Orchestra, band, club, restaurant etc.
  3. Studio Session Musician
    Recording instruments & vocals in the studio.
  4. Performance on Live Streams
    Performing your music (and covers) on live streams, taking requests etc.

Field 4 – Music Education

People will always need to learn, to evolve, to develop their knowledge and skills. That is why education is another great field in music. Examples:

  1. Teach in a School
  2. Teach private lessons in Person
  3. Teach one-to-one online
  4. Create Online Courses
  5. Write Books or E-Books
  6. Write for a Newspaper
  7. Write for an Online Magazine
  8. Write for a Blog

Field 5 – Sound Design

If you have the skills of recording, shaping, creating sounds, from recording sounds in the studio and in the field, or making them on a synthesizer or instrument…then sound design might be an interesting field for you. Here are some examples:

  1. Sound Design for Media
    Foley sound design or digital audio sound design for TV, film, games etc.
  2. Field & Studio Recordings
    Recording audio for sample libraries & sound collections.
  3. Sound Design for Instruments
    Software/hardware instrument presets, sample library assets etc.
  4. Sound Design for Products
    Audio design and control for product user experience.

Field 6 – Fan Support

If you have built a fan base as a music artist, you have many ways to let your fans support your journey. Like for example:

  1. Distributing your Music to your Fans
    Getting your music distributed on streaming services like Spotify etc. 
  2. Get Fan Donations
    Paypal, Patreon, Kickstarter etc.
  3. Sell Merchandise
    Any type of digital or physical product with your artist brand.

Field 7 – Music Influencer

If you develop a presence online as an artist, with your own brand, and build a following…then you have great potential in making money as an influencer online. For example:

  1. Create your own Online Brand (Website & Blog)
  2. Become an Influencer on Social Media (YouTube, Facebook)
  3. Create your own Community (Facebook Group)
  4. Make money from Ads (Adsense, YouTube)
  5. Make money from Sponsors (Brand Deals)
  6. Make money as an Affiliate (Amazon)

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