How to make Spooky Halloween MusicDo you want to make spooky music that would work great for a Halloween Theme. Music with a darker vibe, and a creepy atmosphere.

This style of music could also work in scary movies, high tension scenes, dark atmospheric soundtrack music for video games, and so on.

I have some great tips to get you started making spooky and dark music in no time:

7 Tips on Making Halloween Music

  1. Use Minor Chords as the Foundation
  2. Take Advantage of Diminished/Augmented Chords
  3. Dance around the Perfect 5th (b5 and #5)
  4. Add Non-Diatonic Chords, Harmonies and Intervals
  5. Play more in the Lower Dynamic Range
  6. Arrange your Music to be more Sparse (minimalism)
  7. Use Sounds with a Lot of Character and Tension