Best Tubular Bells Sample LibraryAre you looking for great sounding tubular bells sample libraries for your music composer toolkit?

This is my top list of recommendations of tubular bells libraries, as well as percussion libraries that include a great sounding tubular bells:

5 Best Tubular Bells VST Sample Libraries

  1. VSL Synchron Bells
  2. Versilan Studios – Tubular Bells
  3. Sonokinetic Mallets
  4. CinePerc
  5. Berlin Percussion

The Power of Tubular Bells in Music

Tubular Bells have been used in the orchestra for a long time to mimic that golden divine tone of a church bell. The long metallic resonance and sustain of tubular bells has such a majestic and noble vibe, and it excellent to augment important beats in your composition.

It does not have a huge range, around 1.5 to 2 octaves, but since it is rarely used for melodic writing, it still works great for augmenting important notes and accents.

The main things to consider for a Tubular Bells sample library or VST plugin are:

  • Range (usually 1.5 to 2 octaves)
  • Dynamic Range (velocity layers)
  • Round Robins (variation layers)
  • Microphones (ambience flexibility)
  • Mallets (ex: leather, plastic, sticks, hammer)
  • Extended Articulations (ex: glissandi, brushes, muted)