Best Timpani VST Library

Are you looking for great sounding timpani sample libraries for your orchestral and cinematic music?

This is my top list of recommendations of orchestral percussion libraries that include a great Timpani collection:

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7 Best Timpani Libraries

  1. VSL Synchron Percussion
  2. HZ Percussion
  3. BBC Symphony Orchestra
  4. Symphony Series Percussion
  5. CinePerc
  6. Berlin Percussion
  7. Orchestral Percussion SDX

The Power of Orchestral Timpani Percussion

Timpani is one of the main percussion instruments in an orchestra, and capable of both great dynamics for all kinds of hits, crescendos and rolls, but also for that “noble sound”.

You can vary the sound by different tuning per timpani drum, as well as hitting it with different kinds of sticks and mallets to shape the attack from soft to hard. You can also perform all kinds of techniques/articulations like rolls, damped hits, flams etc.