Best Solo Strings VSTHello Composers! Mike here, with a quick guide on the Best Solo Strings VST Libraries. =)

Strings is a family instruments consisting of bass, cello, viola and violin. Most often played in ensembles in an orchestra.

But the true expressive beauty of strings come to live even more when played as solo instruments.

When played in solo the vibratos, legatos, and entire emotional range is so much more apparent and lively. Which is why solo strings are wonderful to carry your main melodies and themes.

But which Solo Strings VST Library should you choose? Well, here is my complete list of recommendations for you (in no particular order):

Best Solo Strings VST Libraries

  1. Cinematic Studio Solo Strings (Cinematic Sampling)
  2. Spitfire Solo Strings (Spitfire Audio)
  3. CineStrings Solo (Cinesamples)
  4. Sample Modeling Strings (Sample Modeling)
  5. Chris Hein Solo Strings (Chris Hein)
  6. Intimate Strings Solo (Embertone)
  7. Solo Strings Bundle (Vienna Symphonic Library)
  8. SWAM Solo Strings (Audio Modeling)