10 Best Presets in OmnisphereAre you looking for the best presets in Omnisphere 2?

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Omnisphere has many 1000s of presets in the library of sounds you get with this amazing plugin.

Here are some of my top recommendations of presets I often use as a starting point.

10 Best Omnisphere Presets

1. IDM Deepbass 1

Great starting point for a low bass sound, with an extra unison sub bass effect. It gets more attack presence with higher velocities, and you can open up the filter with the MOD-wheel.

2. Adagio Transparent Strings Warm

My first choice for a warm string pad sound. It has an incredibly rich and lush tone, and can brighten up a bit using the MOD-wheel.

3. Sonic Boom 1

This low boom type sound still has some punch to it. It doesn’t have too much release tail, so you can also add some extra big reverb to it if you want. And if you want to make it even more low end focused, I recommend adding a low pass filter as well.

4. Juno Warm Strings 1

Amazing analog, very organic (lively), and warm pad sound which opens up shimmering overtones with the MOD-wheel.

5. Agape Sheen

This pad sound can add those magical and shimmering bright atmospheres to your music. It sounds amazing in the high range above middle C.

6. JP Classic Pluck 1

Great pluck sound, which does not sound too piercing. The MOD-wheel adds more body to the sound, and I really recommend adding some extra echo and reverb to this preset.

7. Dream Searching Soft

A very delicate playable sound texture, feating a very soft bell-like attack, with a dreamy and ever-changing tail.

8. Ambient Space Piano

Super soft and delicate piano sound, with a very long reverb which you can of course change if you want. It has a very bell-like tone, and works best with minimal performances.

9. Glorious Guitars

This is a mix of a bowed electric guitar and a fingerstyle acoustic guitar, which creates a dreamy pad-like tone which is soft, deep and dreamy.

10. Intimate Glass Celeste

This celeste has such a light and innocent tone, and opens up with the MOD-wheel. Great for layering in orchestral and cinematic music.

Premium Presets for Omnisphere

I want to also show some of my favorite presets I created myself. These are from premium preset packs you can get from my SoundCrafters website.

1. Bring it Low

Super deep sub bass, which you can add extra attack (pluck) on, as well as distortion, with your MIDI controller. This sound is from my Deep Bass Preset Pack for Omnisphere.

2. Army of Darkness

A heavy impact with lots of punch as well as low end, that you can add extra attack on as well as explosion tail to the sound, with your MIDI controller. This sound is fro my Doom Impacts Preset Pack for Omnisphere.

3. Swimming Deep

Low cinematic sounding pulse which adds groove in the low range. You can open up the filter, shorten the pulse length, and add extra deep reverb, with your MIDI controller. This sound is from my Dark Pulses Preset Pack for Omnisphere.

4. Eternal Fire

This is a low boom sound that will make your entire world shake if you have a sub woofer. You can add extra power, punch and reverb, with your MIDI controller. This sound is fro my T-Rex Booms Preset Pack for Omnisphere.

5. Heavy Crush

Gritty warm rhythmic preset with saturated overtones, which you can open up with the MOD-wheel. You can also add extra distortion and reverb, with your MIDI controller. This sound is fro my Dirty Drive Preset Pack for Omnisphere.

6. Aim High

Crisp rhythmic pulse in the high range which can add some great energetic tension. You can reduce the melodic aspect, space and echo, with your MIDI controller. This sound is fro my High Energy Preset Pack for Omnisphere.