Best Multiband Compressor VST PluginsAre you looking for great sounding Multiband Compressor VST Plugins for your music production toolkit?

The great advantage of multiband compressors over standard compressors, is the powerful control over the dynamic range you get per frequency band of your choice. Often at least 3 bands, sometimes as much as 6, depending on the plugin.

This is my top list of recommendations of Multiband Compressor VST Plugins:

5 Best Multiband Compressor VST Plugins

  1. FabFilter Pro-MB
  2. Drawmer 1973
  3. T-Racks Quad Comp
  4. Waves C6
  5. Ozone Advanced

The Power of Multiband Compressors in Music

The compressor, or Dynamic Range Compressor as its full name is, can be a great tool to shape the dynamics in your music, tame the transients etc. But the downside has always been that you affect the whole frequency range, which can introduce annoying artifacts such as pumping, “broken” transients” etc.

A compressor that is divided to work separately in different frequency ranges is much more precise, and can help you avoid the downsides of standard compression. You should be able to dial in the perfect amount of compression in the different ranges, but also shift the ranges width and position over the full frequency spectrum of music.

A bonus is if you can control advanced aspects of each band such as: mid/side, parallel mix, and even a final limiter to avoid peaking.

I only tend to use multiband compressors on group channels (mixing groups), as well as the master stereo output for the final mixdown/master.