Best Handpan Drums VST Sample LibrariesAre you looking for great sounding handpan vst plugins or sample libraries for your music composer toolkit?

This instrument is also sometimes called hang drums, or pan drums. This is my top list of recommendations of handpan plugins and sample libraries:

5 Best Handpan VST Libraries

  1. Pandrum (Cinematique Instruments)
  2. Pianoteq Pro (Modartt)
  3. Pan Drums (Soniccouture)
  4. Ample Percussion Cloudrum (Ample Sound)
  5. The New Alien Drum (8dio)

Pandrum (Cinematique Instruments)

Pianoteq Pro (Modartt)

Pan Drums (Soniccouture)

Ample Percussion Cloudrum (Ample Sound)

The New Alien Drum (8dio)

The Power of Handpan Drums

Handpans, Hang Drums or Pan Drums…whatever you choose to call this percussion instrument, you get the power of that “steely” resonate pitched percussion tone. It has a very “caribbean” flavor to it, but due to its bell-like shimmering high range you can make it work in anything from music for science fiction to cartoons.